Garden Township
911 Fire Signs
September, 28 th 2022

Update on the 911 Fire Signs: Delta County (The Addressing Committee) is in the process of
realigning the road systems to fit with Delta County’s 911 Grid System. All areas of the County
will be affected to include all Township’s, City’s, and Villages. This will change some building
addresses. The project may take up to a year or more to complete. The County has asked to
have the Township hold on putting out anymore 911 fire signs until the changes have been

Steven J. Freeman
Garden Township Supervisor
PH: 1-(906)-644-7602

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Garden Township

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Contact information

Supervisor: Steve Freeman, P.O. Box 224, Garden, MI 49835 - 719-722-9811

Clerk: Brenda  Lester, P.O. Box 224, Garden, MI 49835 - 906-450-5185 -

Treasurer: Janet Daasch, P.O. Box 12, Garden, MI 49835 -

906-644-2175 -

Trustee:  Craig Potvin, P.O. Box 224, Garden, MI 49835 - 906-450-5622

Trustee:  Susan Rochefort, P.O. Box 224, Garden, MI 49835 - 906-450-2458

Assessor: Colleen & Joe Maki, P.O. Box 309, Gladstone, MI 49837 -906-280-4372 - and Fax #: 906-428-1579

Fire Chief:  Keith Farley - 906-450-7036

Transfer Station: Bill Harris - 906-644-7139 - Transfer Station is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The hours are from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. It is closed on holidays.  

Township Hall:  906-644-7602 - Please leave a message as the Township Office is not manned  (Fax # is same as phone number) 


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